Workshop News

Opus 74 is completed, and is now installed in the Sodality Chapel at Stonyhurst College.

Opus 76 has been delivered to a private residence in Edinburgh.


Opus 78: following the completion of previous instruments inspired by the Schnitger School (Opus 44, 46, 64 and 72 - totalling 38 stops, which is quite a tally for four house organs!), we have been commissioned to build a further such instrument with 11 speaking stops. As previously, the main construction timber for casework, bellows, soundboards, key-frames, pedalboard and roller-boards will be quarter-sawn white oak. The organ will be finished with hand-carved oak pipe-shades and appropriate case decoration. Keyboards, pedalboard, action, soundboards, wooden pipes and all casework will be constructed "in house".

Opus 50: this organ was originally supplied with second-hand 16' Bourdon pipes (extended through to 8" Bass Flute) acquired by the client for this project, but this stop has now been newly-made to complement the Lewis pipework. 

My current projects will see me working perhaps until my 70th birthday. It would seem unwise to commit to working beyond that point - I may even consider retirement! Thank you for your interest in my work, but it seems only fair to suggest that you should look elsewhere for your project.