Small Organs

Simplicity of design and construction can be found in our smallest instrument which has but one 4' Flute on a single manual, blown by a foot-operated bellows system. Upper case kit organ
A compact practice organ with two contrasting 8' stops in wood, and a permanently coupled pedalboard. House Organ, London area
A traditional English chamber organ of 1 manual with 4 stops (2 divided). House Organ, Edinburgh
A comprehensive 2 manual and pedal chamber organ of 8 stops with a French flavour. House Organ, Dunbartonshire
Portable continuo organs have been supplied to, for example, The Banquet of Musick, Glasgow, The Dunedin Consort, Edinburgh, Capella Novocastriensis, Newcastle upon Tyne, Wells Cathedral, The University of Hull, and the Bradford Baroque Band.
One of these even made an appearance on 'Blue Peter' on BBC TV!
Chest Organ, Bradford Upon Avon


Although our approach to chest or continuo organs is now becoming 'standardised', we always aim to give each organ an individual external design and finish. Our chest organs tend to be based on a 'nucleus' design of three stops as follows:

Gedackt or Stopped Diapason 8'
Nason Flute 4'
Fifteenth or Gemshorn 2'


The instruments have solid oak cases (with fretted or carved panels to front and sides) which separate into two parts for easy transportation. The upper case measures 700mm (27.5" high, 975mm (38.5") wide and 520mm (20.5") deep and contains all playing action, stop action, soundboard and the majority of the pipes. This case has fold-away brass carrying handles and can be comfortably lifted by two fit people.

The lower case measures 450mm (17.5") high, 975mm (38.5") wide and 520mm (20.5") deep and has in it the three lowest pipes of the 8' stop and the blower motor/wind regulator.

Each organ can be supplied with sturdy padded canvas covers for protection. The oak organ stool also has a canvas bag in which the other two covers can be stored when not in use.

The keyboard overhangs the case when not in use and transposes allowing A=415hz and A=440hz. The lowest notes are supplied on all stops and the compass is C - d"' (51 notes). A variety of key coverings is possible, such as bone, boxwood, rosewood and ebony. When not in use, the keyboard is protected by the hinged music desk.
Chest Organ, Colchester
For a private residence in Northumberland and the Cathedral of the Advent, Alabama, USA, we have built a slightly enlarged version of these instruments with three and a half split stops (bass and treble) and a 'shifting' movement. Another such instrument went to St Paul's School, London Chest Organ, Wells Cathedral