Opus 59 (2009)

1m + P, 7 stops for Stenton Kirk, East Lothian.

Remodelling of organ from the 1980s by Roger Pulham.

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Opus 59 - Image 3
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Manual: C - g"'  56 notes
Bourdon 8' Original bottom octave in pine, rest new, in oak and walnut with more generous scaling.
Prestant 4' Original, in case facade, revoiced.
Flute a Cheminee  4' Partly from original Boudon 8' and part new, with more generous scaling, revoiced.
Doublette 2' Original, revoiced.
Larigot 1 1/3' Original, revoiced.
Sifflet 1' Original, revoiced.
Pedal: C - f'  30 notes New soundboard and playing action.
Subbass 16' Part new and part common with Bourdon 8'.

The organ was originally built by Roger Pulham in 1983 for The Church of the Holy Spirit, Southsea. It was later purchased by Rupert Gough who used it as a practice organ (revoiced for a domestic setting?). It has an oak case with carved pipeshades. The upper-pitched manual stops have divided stop action to enable a solo voice to be accompanied on the same keyboard. As we've remodelled the manual soundboard to include essentially larger-scaled foundation stops, the original wedge bellows has been replaced with one of over twice the size and capacity (see photo). The blower motor has also been replaced with one of larger capacity to wind the entire organ including the 16' pedal stop.

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