Opus 78 (2023)

Following the completion of previous instruments inspired by the Schnitger School (Opus 44, 46, 64 and 72), this organ will have 11 speaking stops. The main construction timber for casework, bellows, soundboards, key-frames, pedalboard and roller-boards will be quarter-sawn white oak. The organ will be finished with hand-carved oak pipe-shades and appropriate case decoration. Keyboards, pedalboard, action, soundboards, wooden pipes and all casework will, as usual, be made "in house".

Opus 78 - Image 1

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Provisional specification:

Manual I  56 notes, C - g'''
Bourdon 8' Oak and walnut
Principal 4' 60% tin, in case facade
Chimney Flute 4' 25% tin
Octave 2' 25% tin

Manual II  56 notes, C - g'''
Quintadena 8' Oak and walnut
Nason Flute 4' Oak, maple, pear and walnut
Gemshorn 2' 25% tin
Nazard      2 2/3' 25% tin, from tenor gš
Musette 8' 25% tin resonators, pear blocks

Pedal  30 notes, C - f'
Dulcian 16' Oak resonators, pear blocks, 
 lead-faced brass shallots 
Flute 8' Oak and walnut

Tremulant to whole organ
Manual 'shove' coupler - Man II-I
Hitch-down Manual to Pedal couplers

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