Opus 77 (2022)

1m, 6 stops.  Coffer organ for a private residence in London.

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Opus 77 - Image 1

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                The sound of music...
We were commissioned to build a new organ in the style of the Baldachinorgel made in 1559 by Michael Strobel for the Graf von Trapp of Schluderns Schloss in Churburg, Southern Tyrol. 
This style of instrument (a positiv in the form of a coffer) appeared only during the Renaissance. The original organ is virtually complete, except for the Regal register which was lost but reconstructed during the restoration carried out in 1969 by Juergen Ahrend.


Regal              8'    25% tin, bass and treble
Copl                4'    25% tin, (Gedackt), bass and treble
Octav              2'    25% tin, bass and treble
Copl                2'    25% tin, (Chimney Flute), bass and treble
Quintadecima 1'    25% tin, (Flute), bass and treble
Zimbel            II    25% tin, 1/4' / 1/6', bass and treble
Filomela         II    Nightingale
Gezwitscher    Drone Regals (C, G and d) drawn singly or in pairs

Our instrument has a 45-note keyboard compass (C D E F G A to c'''), key naturals of boxwood, and sharps of ebony. The case is of two contrasting hardwood timbers - walnut frames and ornaments, and lacewood sycamore panels - and has fretted brass decorative openings. The organ can be manually blown using two multi-fold bellows or, alternatively, an electric blower can be used, activating just one of the bellows. The tuning temperament is mean tone.

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